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Oh! One thing I want to say to everyone on (and will add to the /about/more): you don't just have to post about nature on here!

A lot of people do have separate accounts for different subjects, but if you want a general internet home where you can chat with other friends on here, or post about lunch or selfies or TV or whatever, that's okay too.

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A bit about me: I'm a longtime (since 2007!) Twitter user known for posting about Toronto politics () and, lately, spiders:

I've also been on fedi since 2016, on,,, and most recently is my main, and I'm also occasionally active as @nv.

I love all things arachnid (check out and ) and I also love identifying bugs for people!

🦑 The cephalopods of the north-eastern coast of America /.
New Haven, Conn.: Connecticut Academy of Sciences, 1879-1881.

A new study sequenced DNA fragments in 2 million year old sediment from a frozen fjord in Greenland, the oldest DNA ever sequenced (for now).
"We found genetic traces of ancestors of modern reindeer, hares and lemmings, as well as mastodon—extinct elephant-like creatures which were not previously known to have lived in Greenland."

a very interesting-looking fungus i found on the underside of a wooden slat in a garden bed!

Found a today I wanted to find for a while called "variable brown dotlets" (Lecidea varians). Maybe it's just me but myself I call it Mickey Mouse lichen 😆
It was growing on a thin twig.


Another clammy mystery!

While beachcombing in Orange County my partner and I observed one of the local bean clams (Donax gouldii) digging into the sand in the surf zone. It had brown threads emerging from one end of the umbo region. They resembled byssal threads, which are protein filaments colloquially called a "beard" that some bivalves make to attach themselves to surfaces or anchor themselves in the substrate.

The issue here is that bean clams don't have beards! What could this be?

On this week's , Rutendo & I are taking a closer look (listen?) to the rhythms of nature! We've got:
🐵🥁Chimps w/ individual drumming styles
🌼🌕A plant whose life is tied to the full moon
🧊🌊The cycle of freeze+thaw in the arctic
Check it out now at or wherever you get your podcasts!

If you happen to find a snow fly (Chionea sp.) this winter there's a research team at the University of Washington that would very much like to receive it, ideally alive. The project website also has a great primer on the genus.

While looking for Buxbaumia (and still not finding any) I stumbled upon another random growing on a rock and posted it on - and very nice identifiers there told me it's a threatened moss in Ohio and called "rock-loving swan-necked moss". I love it when plant names make so much sense 😆

iaturalist observation:

Hymenopteran-Mastodonians, this looks cool! Jan. 9-20, 2023, online & with asynchronous options. And I recognize several cool entomologists on the instructor list. $50, which is a steal.

(via @xris) @bugID


Always a joy to see inside friends over the cold months here in New England. This Triangulate Combfoot is welcome anytime! #arachnid #spider #indoorspider #bugging #macro #macrophotography

Does anyone know why I get this message for about half a second when I first go to anyone’s profile? It goes away the second time I view the profile but I managed to get a screenshot of it. I’m on the Toot! App so maybe it’s just a Thing?

grass is a bourgeois affectation, i want to touch moss

If you get a message or a follow from a generic dude with a generic profile with selfies in front of generic backgrounds, it's a scammer. They mass-follow (especially people with female-presenting avatar photos), and often have no posts at all or very few. Report 'em.

(If you're a *real* generic dude going "but wait!" then come up with a better profile and don't mass-follow a bunch of women. This ain't Tinder. And you'll probably get followed by pretty ladies that don't exist. Report them too.)

Some #sacred #moss traces the words carved into this recumbent gravestone outside #SelbyAbbey #Church in #EastYorkshire. I suppose that the moisture held in the carved depressions that form the letters has encouraged the moss to do its stuff. #Mosstodon #gravestone #memory #writing

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