If we can fit about 10-100K people on a Mastodon server,

and we've got 38M Canadians,

then we're going to need 400 to 4000 Canadian servers.

Let's start building them.




@evan TBH I think the upper bound for a Mastodon server should not be "how many people can the server handle" but "how many people can the admins and mods handle". And if that's only 1000, 100, or 5, that's fine.

I've seen a lot of servers with growing pains, and it's not a technical issue, it's social—taking on users en masse without the resources to vet, moderate, and support them.

@nev @evan YES. There's a "social" part of "social media." It's easier to manage a single smaller instance, plus it is less likely to be reduced to the lowest common denominator of its members. And with Mastodon, anyone else can freely (and rightfully) block your whole instance if it harbours any number of bad actors.

@nev @jsstaedtler @darius thanks. I actually have some experience setting up and running social sites, but I love reading Darius's words. And it's great to revisit with fresh eyes.

@jsstaedtler @nev @evan

Yep. 100.000 is already hard.

Trying to describe a governance structure similar to the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

For governance assumptions or the user/moderation ratio we assume governance figures from Hamburg, Germany where from the whole population

0,018% Bezirksversammlung [Direct municipal district assembly]
0,007% Bürgerschaft [City assembly acting as German Federal Land]
0,003% other/higher interest
The ratios from Mehrmandatswahlkreise is applied as well based on instance size.

We want to make sure that 2 elected administrations exist,

instance assembly: for governance per instance (main moderators)
fediverse plenum: for important decisions amongst instances

[…][[not enough space]]

= when an instance has 40.000 ‘citizens’
it would need at least
7 main moderators
3 for ‘fedi plenum’
3.5 admins

@nev @evan totally right! Technically, as long as we have the funds, one can keep on adding extra cloud resources.

But if funding really is in place do not as skimp on the other important areas that you mention! Keep it sustainable and sensible.

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